West Seattle High School PTSA

The 2017-2018 Direct Drive Campaign is Open!

Direct giving is the most efficient way to raise money ensuring that every dollar you donate is spent directly on the enrichment of West Seattle High School students and staff.

PTSA Annual Goal:  

GIFT $50,000 each academic year to West Seattle High School Academics, Athletics and Arts!

No joke – that’s a big number!  And WSHS counts on the PTA to “gift” it each year to help keep our top-notch school providing the level of academic instruction, services and support we have come to expect in West Seattle. Funds raised go to support items in the classrooms, student support and enrichments such as freshman orientation, testing and tutoring, future student orientation, college and career night, AP testing, and scholarships. We make funds available for the arts programs, athletics department and academic supports which benefit the entire school population.

Your gift to the PTSA is tax deductible. You will receive a letter from us for your taxes, once we receive your payment.

Please support us by submitting your donation online today!

2017-2018 Direct Drive Campaign Online Form
  •   $500 – I am excited to support WSHS PTSA and all they do for the school!
      $250 - I appreciate not having to buy or sell anything to help all students at WSHS.
      $100 - If 100 families give $100 we will meet our goal!
      $75 - Thank you for saving me from asking friends and family to buy cookie dough!
      $50 - I would have bought this amount of wrapping paper.
      $25 - Happy to give this amount to help WSHS.
  • After clicking the submit button, you will be required to select the amounts you wish to donate again to place them in your cart. Please make sure you select the same amount(s) in step 2. Once you do this step, you will be taken to PayPal. If you do not submit a payment via PayPal, your donation will not be processed so don't skip that step!