West Seattle High School PTSA


The West Seattle PTSA is the Parent, Teacher and Student Association of the West Seattle High School; Seattle, Washington.

Your Membership in the WSHS PTSA Supports These Important Activities:

  • Coordinating and serving as volunteers
  • Publishing parent newsletter and e-mail bulletins
  • Fundraising for programs, equipment, and support staff
  • Providing teacher grants and staff appreciation
  • West Seattle PTSA Website
  • Making West Seattle HS a better place

Our Goals include:

  1. Achieve a PTSA membership increase of 10%
  2. Host 5 PTSA Meetings which include interesting and relevant content, guest presenters or programs for WHSH families and PTSA members
  3. Provide timely and relevant communications using a variety of methods to reach an increased number of WSHS community
  4. Increase parent involvement and participation in the Fall Auction and PTSA meetings

Local Unit 6.15.510

West Seattle’s PTSA chapter is a member of the Seattle Council PTSA and the Washington State PTA.  As a PTSA, we support West Seattle students and community with PTSA sponsored events and fundraising.


Your PTSA officers can be found on the Contact page.

PTSA Documents

Standing rules and other PTSA documents can be found on the PTSA Documents page.